UK Mortgage Solutions and Currency Payments for Expats, Non-Residents and International Clients

Alburys is an expert in helping clients arrange excellent value investment mortgages. As an expert broker, we can access a wealth of specialist lenders and private banks that have access to loans in excess of £1 million at competitive rates.

We help with refinancing or purchasing investment property which makes an attractive proposition for many people who live or are currently working abroad.

We are experienced in helping to arrange Expats, Non-Residents and International Clients mortgages for foreign nationals, British expats, UK residents earning in foreign currencies and non-domiciled UK residents.

We can usually offer a choice of mortgages to meet different scenarios including:

  • Lower set-up fees or a more competitive mortgage rate

  • Mortgages to meet specific loan to value ratios or arranged around projected rental incomes

  • Mortgages that take into account structures like family trusts, offshore investments, international wealth and multi-currency income profiles

For British nationals overseas we can either structure the loan in the UK or in many other jurisdictions if your tax adviser recommends. We can create a loan structure which prevents you needing to bring non-internationally earned income into the UK. This saves on unnecessary charges.

If you are arranging your mortgage from a different time zone, we’ll make ourselves available at times that suit you.